Extra! Extra! Gold Cup Millinery Award Remains in Wagga..

Congratulations, Karen Hyde!

Every year, on the first Friday in May, local milliners make a play for the MTC Fashions of the Field Competition, plying their craftmanship on the dais for the most coveted Wagga Wagga Gold Cup, Best Millinery Award.

As one of the most prestigious Racing Carnival Events in the Riverina, with $15,000 in prizes up for grabs in Fashions on the Field, no wonder the competition is fierce.




I spoke to Karen about her win..

“I was so very excited to have my design win the Gold Cup Millinery Award category. I knew Leanne wanted something beautiful and distinctive  in navy and cream.  

She told me in advance that the dress was to be cream and the shoes were navy but until the morning of the races, I didn’t know the actual dress design.   When she arrived at my place and I saw the complete outfit on her, I made a few last minute adjustments to the headpiece.

She previously had liked that hat shape style but the overall design was completely up to me.    I decided to keep it close to the winter theme and create the design in velour felt with handmade navy blue roses, cream velvet rosebuds and navy and white velvet leaves.

Unfortunately there was no sash this year which I was a bit sad about, but very happy to know that the judges thought  the headpiece I created was worthy of a win, especially when there was such a beautiful array of other creative designs.”

What the Fashion Guest Judge, Sarsha Cassidy was looking for:  Statement Headwear which compliments the overall outfit, with a focus on attention to detail and good grooming. Headwear with a winter influence is essential.













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