Sinamay and Straw

“Raising the Standard of Millinery in the Riverina”

Beginners Certificate Course : Introduction to Sinamay and Straw

Course outline:

This particular course, which will run for six hrs each month for the next six months, will focus on traditional millinery techniques and standards with a set syllabus on the topic of “Handling Sinamay and Straw Bodies” as materials for creating hats and headpieces.

  • Developing an understanding of designing headwear.
  • Planning your headpiece with a focus on face shape, focal points and balance.
  • Understanding your materials (in this instance, sinamay grades, various types of straw bodies).
  • Building a basic knowledge of block shapes and blocking technique, including steaming and ironing.
  • Learning basic millinery stitches.
  • Discovering various stiffeners and their uses.
  • Working with millinery wire.
  • How to hand shape self trims and hand finish your headpiece.


Several of our participating students have previously attended millinery classes but all agreed that completing a Certificate Millinery Course was a far more satisifying way to achieve their skills.

Amanda, who had travelled from Temora and skilled in fabric printing and sculpting said that a Beginners Millinery Course was perfect addition to add to her impressive skill set. Libby, also from Temora, also loves to work with textiles and was looking to advance her knowledge of millinery techniques.

Rochelle  and Jenny had both previously attended millinery classes at the Community College and were hoping to continue working toward gaining a Certificate.

Anoila is currently studying millinery to compliment her  hairdressing business and enjoys the mental stimulation of learning and perfecting a new skill set.

Armed with their project notebooks, which will be gradually filled with their notes and fibre samples, the students, (under guidance from their Tutor, Rose Organ), will make two completed, self trimmed headpieces for their final assessments.


Many thanks to our Sponsors, Torb and Reiner, 

for supplying their samples of wire and sinamay.