Rebecca Hillis Wins Champion Exhibit


Rebecca Hillis Wins Champion Exhibit at Wagga Wagga Show.

I asked Rebecca about her Champion Feather Headpiece Entry.

“It was one of two hats I made for Wagga Gold Cup and both won first prizes.

The feathered one was made to go with my fur and leather option for Gold Cup and I wanted it to look sleek, luxurious and a little bit vavoom! It was light to wear and looked a little like an abstract bird.

The second hat was called Inorganic Botanic and it was made to go with a more artistic outfit.

On the day the feathered piece won my choice and I must say it was delightful to wear as I hardly felt it there!

I also got places in bridal, and cocktail. I can’t remember all of them but I got a few which was exciting.”

Congratulations, Rebecca! Well Done!

Wagga Wagga Show Society Millinery Results:

Cocktail               2nd        Rebecca Hillis

Bridal                  2nd        Rebecca Hillis

Flora & Fauna    1st          Rebecca Hillis

Race Wear          1st          Rebecca Hillis