Karen Wins at Henty Fibre Fashion Awards


Henty Machinery Field Days: Henty Natural Fibre Fashion Awards

Karen has won the prestigious Henty Millinery Award for her Gold and Dove Grey Boater.


Excerpt: Ms Hyde has been a feature of the fibre fashion for the past three years and impressed the judges with her handmade design.

“I’ve been lucky to be in the finals before, but haven’t won so it’s very exciting,” she said.

“It’s all completely handmade, the flowers are handmade silk roses, no machines are used.

“The roses take a very long time because each petal must be done separately – luckily I enjoy it.”

Ms Hyde has created hats for about eight years. Image Courtesy: Daily Advertiser

Karen has been on a winning streak recently with a tally of wins and places that most milliners would envy, including winning most successful Exhibitor at the recent Wagga Wagga Show.

Wagga Wagga Show Society Millinery Results:

Cocktail                 1st         Karen Hyde

Vintage                1st          Karen Hyde

Bridal                    1st         Karen Hyde

Flora & Fauna      H/C     Karen Hyde

Race Wear            2nd      Karen Hyde

Leather Flowers  1st       Karen Hyde

Most Successful Exhibitor   Karen Hyde


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