Millinery Update


RMA Members Continue to Shine

Our amazingly talented members have done so well this year. Congratulations Everyone!


Rebecca Carswell

Commended RASV Masters of Millinery

I have been entering the Master Millinery award at the Melbourne Show for a few
years now and enjoy the challenge of pushing the creativity boundaries and being
judged by professional milliners who critique all aspects of the piece.

I didn’t have any specific inspiration for this piece, it just came about from
ideas I had from a few other pieces I was working on. I had just recently
purchased the hat block and was keen to put it to use. Red is one of my
favourite colours, so I wanted to work with it. I had used the black and white
netting on another hat and liked the effect, so though I would include that as
well and the rest just came about.

Oaks Day

I also placed in the Top 20 for the Oaks Day Millinery Award this year.

This piece was certainly a challenge and I loved that it really pushed me to
think about how I was going to complete each step and how all of the pieces were
going to fit in together.

My inspiration came from sculptural art. I wanted to include my signature braid
work because I love the effect it has and I also wanted to include a new
techniques I had learnt from Ian Bennett.




Christine Martin

3rd  RASV Formal Headwear

My inspiration for my hat was the beaded material itself and a desire to create something completley different to my usual style.

I felt I needed to start looking outside the box to expand my millinery range.


Joanne Rolfe

1st RASV Winter Millinery

1st RASV Millinery Trim

1st RASV Themed Wearable Art Millinery- Top Hat

 I had always dreamed of entering the Melbourne Show since I was a small girl. Last year was my first time entering, so it was a thrill to receive awards this year.

I continue to try new ideas, some of which work out, like my 4 Point Turban in Velvet. It was a very challenging design but satisfying to make.

My hand painted birds are my favourite millinery motifs to make and I have a soft spot for little Top Hats.

I like to focus on what I do well and hopefully, take it up a notch or two.









Catherine Kelly

3rd RASV Masters of Millinery

1st RASV Formal Headwear

Commended RASV Millinery Trim

3rd Leatherwork RASV Fashion Accessory