Membership Renewals are now closed

Membership renewals are now Closed


The Riverina Millinery Association Inc. has adopted the following core values:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty to the interests of the membership
  • Fairness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Compassion
  • Respect

And as such by applying to become a member of the RMA, and then subsequently by virtue of your membership to the RMA, it is expected that members shall:

1. Behave honestly and with integrity, and in doing so reinforce the integrity and good reputation of the RMA
2. Promote a culture of fair and ethical behavior
3. Treat everyone with respect and courtesy and without any harassment of any kind (this includes via social media)
4. Maintain appropriate confidentiality
5. Be aware of potential conflicts of interest, and make declaration of any such conflict, or perceived conflict.
6. Pay Association fees on time
7. Provide feedback and input as required, and when requested of, by the Executive Committee
8. Abide by the Association’s protocols, Constitution and associated resolutions
9. Support and be committed to the Association
10. Not make improper use of inside information, or their duties, status, power or authority in order to gain, or seek to gain, a benefit or advantage for themselves or any other person

Your Annual Membership Subscription Fee is $50.00

Direct Deposit Details are as follows:

Riverina Millinery Association

BSB: 325-185

Acc: 38724742

The Riverina Millinery Association membership year runs from the 1st January to the 31st December in the same calendar year, with fees due payable on becoming a member and subsequently in the January of each succeeding calendar year.

Riverina Millinery Association. Inc.

Registration No. INC 9893958
(incorporated under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act 2009)