Phillip Rhodes Millinery Master Class

4th 5th 6th August 2017



The Large Brimmed Hat

The predominance of small hats over the previous decade has seen the large brim generally ignored. The smattering of brimmed hats during the Spring Season of 2016 served as a timely reminder that the methods required to bring life and line to broad styles requires different handling.

In this 3 day class, students will reacquaint themselves with staking out a capeline, whether it be felt or straw, on those big blocks that have laid languishing on the highest workroom shelves.

The set of the brim on the crown will be a subject of much consideration as contemporary hats will not replicate the styles most commonly made in the past. No longer do hats sit low on the brow. So breathing the jauntiness that women have found in small hats into larger styles will be our task.

Phillip Rhodes is known for making statement hats and is unafraid of using colour and pattern within the ‘creation’ process rather than the reserve of trimmings alone. Students will explore creating a blocked brim extension that uses lace and fabric on a simple sinemay base. Wiring and hand placing extension to brim, brim to bandeau head-fit with accuracy before sewing in place is a step far beyond traditional making.

If still physically strong enough, students will be encourage to design bold accompanying stand-alone trimmings to garnish their handsome creations.

A big few days that encompass blocking, cutting, wiring, machine stitching, tacking….tacking…tacking…..lots of meaningful making (i.e. hand sewing) and even a dab of glue and God help us all, even a smudge of glue gun if needed.

So you think you are a milliner? Prove it.


About Phillip Rhodes

Phillip Rhodes is one of the last Australian milliners to receive traditional workroom training. After achieving a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Art History from Monash University in the early 1980s, Phillip immersed himself in the draconian world of millinery workrooms. Beavering behind the scenes in establishments in Australia and later in London, Phillip slowly learnt the exacting business of hat making that unfurled before him.

Whilst in London, Phillip’s work with Europe’s largest Costumiers, Berman and Nathan, saw him undertake projects for Euro-Disney, Andrew Lloyd Webber and theatrical producer Cameron Mackintosh. Other projects included the Oscar-winning costumes for Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V and hats for countless productions of Les Miserables around the world. A stint with English outfitter, Herbert Johnston, provided exposure to a celebrity clientele. Kylie Minogue, Joan Collins and Joanna Lumley have worn Phillip’s hats.

Phillip has taught millinery extensively throughout the last decade, in addition to eight years as a lecturer in RMIT’s Bachelor of Design (Fashion). For twenty years, he has maintained faith with his artisan craft by producing original hat ranges for major stores and boutiques, as well as individual creations for his private clientele, from his Melbourne workrooms.

Cost of this 3 day Millinery Intensive Workshop is:

Members: $450.00

Non Members $495.00

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